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    Weather ahead of tomorrow

    Within seconds of posting I notice the game is already off! Disappointing after Tuesday's win
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    Weather ahead of tomorrow

    Be interesting to see how the pitch is doing ahead of tomorrow given the rain we have had today. I expect they will be monitoring and still using the tent/cover that was purchased pre-Watford game. The pitch hasn't had a game on it for 17/18 days, so hopefully they've been able to improve it...
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    Music Tranmere have run out to

    Hi Joe, The current song is the Rockford Files, and this has been the tune used for the majority of the last 2-3 decades I'd have thought. These articles tell you a little more about the history of it...
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    Player of the season so far?

    If we had to choose a player of the year today, who would it be? I think it's out of Morris and Ridehalgh. Morris' improvement this year is remarkable, looks some player and has added goals to his game. Rides is getting better and better. He also has a genuine affinity with the club and I...
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    Rochdale preview

    Well, hopefully the postponement will be a blessing for us. Clarke and Banks should now be fit by the next time we take to the field at Wycombe next week.
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    I find it incredibly frustrating that after two promotions, new investment, an FA Cup run last year and to some extent this year (could become much more lucrative), we are still seemingly struggling to afford new players. If needs be, go grab some talent from the top end of the National League...
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    It's gone quiet around here!

    A little bump to see where everyone has gone. With the standard of posts (and reliability) on other sites seemingly leaving a lot to be desired again, I thought I'd come back and check this place out.
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    What is needed to make a meaningful investment at LFC and what's needed to do similar at TRFC are world's apart. He can own 25% of a professional football club in the third tier, or he can sponsor probably get a one season, minimal exposure and highly-restrictive partnership with a club like...
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    Let’s be positive

    Its amazing that any Lincoln or Tranmere fan can be negative given the 2-3 years we've both enjoyed. They'll still be moaning in 12 months when we're about to kick-off life in the Championship at home to Newcastle.... :rolleyes:
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    New season is here

    Cant wait for it to be honest. I was excited for Stevenage last season, but back at home in League One is a special day given what we've been through. The sun is out and it all starts again. 3pm cannot come quick enough.
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    Do we still need ANOTHER forward?

    I'd be inclined to agree re: defensive approach. It's going to be fascinating how the defence stands up in League One - in League Two, it was outstanding more often than not, let's see what the step up does to us!
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    If you could sign any League 1 or League 2 player...

    Danny Mayor, Bury Quick, exciting and creative. And free. And it would annoy Bury. Multiple boxes ticked (y)
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    Incredible feeling

    Wow, what a result and what an achievement. A quite astonishing 12 months for our club
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    Morris, Nelson & Pringle. Who would you sign for next year?

    Definitely want to see Nelson stay. Great young prospect, along with Manny and Ellis Id be happy with those options going in to next season
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    Play-off semi finals - who to face?

    I couldn't care less who we face, and now it's panned out to be this lot and on a Friday evening under the lights at PP, bring it on. Brilliant for us to be back in a proper play-off too, none of this non-league eliminator garbage (although the final was fun).
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    Any news on The Cowsheds?

    I've been a sporadic members on Cowsheds for years, ONIGP before that and then originally this very website. If Cowsheds doesn't return, I'm happy to stay here. Weirdly, I reckon the original Cowsheds community was formed on the back of this site closing many moons ago, so it's almost gone full...