How is everyone feeling about Wembley?

I'm surprisingly feeling pretty calm. Just happy we are still in the race! Excited for the weekend :):)
Yes, excited, but also feeling that this may also be our best chance to get promoted for a couple of years as you just do not know what is around the corner. Should be a great occasion though - I cannot wait.
Alright guys, new member to the forum. 👍🏻

Quite optimistic myself, no pressure like last season, although I feel Saturday could be our best chance in the next few years to get into league one given the players we could potentially lose at the end of the campaign. Norwood the obvious one will Be hard to replace. I believe he’s had offers put to him that blows us out the water. So enjoy Saturday and enjoy James Norwood. Hopefully one last big performance from him to get us over the line.