Mark doing all he can - needs help!

Marks as always came across brilliantly as the voice of reason on Sky News's Sophie Ridge show.
Kept discussion on the good of the game to a bear minimum - the days of sticking up for the likes of Accrington, Rochdale and Burton - who are all now sticking knives in our backs - are now, thankfully gone for good - and got our point across.

He needs help with the Media in fighting Rick Parry and his EFL croanies like Moxey of Burton. Just thinking what Ray Stubbs is doing these days at BT (and his old contacts at BBC) and Steve Wilson at BBC.

Adrian Durham of Talksport couldnt have put it better in this brilliant 1 minute piece:

and Lee Bowyer of Charlton

If we can't save ourselves hopefully the rats we leave behind will be left to feel thoroughly ashamed of what they have done. We go down with a point to prove....
Hi CrazylegsCranebird
To be honest I'm not sure how any team will vote, you get these figures & polls in the papers saying one thing or the other, but until they do the vote for real no one knows.
Since the 1946/47 season both teams have been there or thereabouts in the same league except for when Rovers had a long spell in the old Div 1 prpoper league.
It would be nice to play each other again next season hopefully.