Nors has gone then

After Cook last summer, let's hope we're not back in to the realms of garbage forwards who struggle to score 10 goals a season.
Well we've all known for ages he's going so hopefully we have someone lined up, however we're not a one man team and have won without him in the team. I have faith in Mickey Mellon who is a proven master technician, just hope he doesn't score that elusive hat trick against us.
Disappointing to see another great striker leave free again. Gonna be hard to watch when we come up against him, they must have really thrown the money at him.

While we need to recruit someone, it’s a great opportunity for Mullin to step up. He knows how Micky wants the game played and never really got a good opportunity to show us what he can do. He always had the pressure of coming on and having to make an instant impact to be considered the following week. We have seen what he’s capable of. The goals at Carslile and at Grimsby. I hope this makes him a hungry player to succeed and prove he hasn’t been given a chance.
I must say, while I'd love us to go and bring someone in that gets everyone excited and raises some eyebrows, Mullin I think has the raw ability. He's still young and needs some time and guidance, as Nors did, but with the right partner it may work.

And that's the key here...partner. Such a huge one for Micky to sort out. Andy Cook would do the job, and now he has proven he can score goals at this level. However, his signing would most likely mean we need wingers - we have none (please don't force Connor wide again).

It's going to be fascinating how Micky shapes the squad and system for next season with such a key piece of the jigsaw now departed